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Service: Pets

Category: Veterinary Services, Veterinary Services

State: Missouri

Cities: Kansas City


  • Pets medical exams
  • Veterinary - Animal Hospital-House Calls
  • Northland Mobile Veterinary Clinic
  • Laboratory workups
  • Dental care
  • Surgeries at the home

Northland Mobile Vet. Clinic - Veterinary - Animal Hospital in Kansas City.

Northland Mobile Veterinary Clinic is a full service customized thirty five foot mobile animal hospital that allows Dr. Kovac to see your pet under most conditions at your home or a mutually agreed meeting place.

Dr. Kovac is able to perform medical exams, vaccinations, laboratory workups, dental care, and surgeries at the home. The clinic is also equipped with a surgical laser and Class IV pain laser therapy machine for injuries.

Our clinic is a comfortable, family friendly, and calming environment so your pet can relax while meeting with his or her own Kansas City veterinarian.

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