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Gary Thompson is a fighter, which suits him well in traffic court, or in dealing with insurance companies. When arguing tickets in front of judges, or negotiating with district attorneys, or when negotiating with big insurance companies you can’t be fearful or intimidated.

The stakes can be high if you lose. Clients are facing large fines, or need money to pay the medical bills. Standing up and fighting can be the difference between winning and losing. And that is why Gary win’s more cases than he loses.

Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer
At Thompson Traffic we have 20 years’ experience handling traffic tickets in all the local traffic courts. We appear before the judge for you, ask for a reduction in the fine, no DMV points, no insurance increases, and no traffic school. Our fee is typically a $100 if you are not a VIP member. VIP members only pay $89 for unlimited traffic tickets.

- NO Traffic Court Appearance
- NO DMV Points
- NO Increased Insurance Rates
- NO Traffic School
- Reduced Fine

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