Health and Wellness Events - Coordinates and manages all aspects of health fairs for companies

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Service: Health & Wellness

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State: California

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  • Coordinates and manages all aspects of health fairs for companies
  • Informed employees make better health choices which promotes productivity and reduces overall healthcare costs to the organization
  • Our team of professionals will ensure that vendors are confirmed, logistics are covered, and employees have access to the information they need to make informed decisions about wellness.

At Health-Wellness Expos, our goal is to create productive and informative expos that align organizations with resources that are available to them.

The result is that employees gain an opportunity to connect to those resources leading to overall wellness and greater productivity.

Organizations contribute to comprehensive benefit packages to take great care of their employees and cultivate talent, but what good is it if employees are not taking advantage of their benefits or not even aware of them?

Our expos create a tremendous opportunity for providers to raise awareness, educate, and promote wellness.

At Health-Wellness Expos, we care about everyone's health and success. Contact us directly to find out more information regarding our services at (714) 366-4958.